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Industrial Maintenance Specialties

2001 Epoxy putty, a “fix-it man’s dream.” Patch holes, cracks, seal, fix broken parts. Sets steel-hard in 20 minutes. #2211

Ai-99 Petroleum hydrocarbon digester.  Specialized bacterial/enzyme digestants reduce grey water pit pump outs. Reduces odor, sludge volume. For oil reclaimation pits, service bays, etc. #3070

ANTI-FOAM 20 Concentrated defoamer and anti-foam agent, improves pump efficiency. #2344

BELT MEDIC Belt dressing, extends life of all types of flat, round and v-belts. #2323 (aerosol)

BLACK-N-GO Tire shine. It's what the best-dressed tires are wearing.TM Touchless, just spray on and go on! #2511 (aerosol)

B-TEK Battery cleaner and acid neutralizer, color indicator, environmentally and user friendly, non-aerosol. #2402, #2405

COIL MEDIC Coil cleaner, bio-enzymatic, thick foaming, non-acid. Non-flammable, pleasant scent, no rinse required. #2330 (aerosol)

CX3 Condenser Coil cleaner concentrate. Each quart makes one gallon of ready-to-use powerful foaming coil cleaner. C1  #2452

DEFROST Ice, snow and frost melter, prevents refreezing. Thaws frozen locks, prevents ice and snow accumulation. #2037 (aerosol)

D-KLEEN Metal Diesel fuel storage tank additive. For use in both high and low sulphur diesel fuels. Improves fuel stability and detergency. #3067

FAV-X100 Fleet vehicle wash, ultra concentrated, superior formulation for superior results. #2509

FLEET Aluminum cleaner/brightener, non-acid #2508

MARKO Graffiti, stain and vandal mark remover, no-drip gel, use on porous or  non-porous surfaces. #2317 (aerosol)

MP7 Metal parts protector for all types of metals, excellent for parts in transit, non-chlorinated, outdoor storage protection up to 2 years. H2  #2412 (aerosol)

MQ-12 Electronics duster, non-flammable, easy to operate trigger head nozzle plus extension tubes for tight areas. #2312 (aerosol)

PERMA-FLEX 100% RTV silicone gasket makers, sealants, adhesives. Remains permanently flexible. No-mess applicator and aerosol can. Available in these industrial grade formulas: #2187 Red, #2421 Black, #2506 Yellow, #2360 Clear (aerosol)

RUSTINATOR Rust convertor and protective coating for metal surfaces, non-flammable, ready to use. #2376

RUST MEDIC Rust removal soak. Removes rust from metal without scrubbing, inhibits flash rusting for weeks. #2448, 2449

SUBTEMP Non-flammable ready to use cleaner & deicer for freezer and cold storage areas. A5  #2529

SUPER KLEEN Safer muriatic acid replacement. Dissolve scale/corrosion, remove plaster, red mud, etch concrete.#2450

SALT NEUTRALIZER RINSE Neutralizes, removes corrosive salt residue from fleet equipment and vehicles. #2517
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